MVA at Wilco Plaza

The Lincoln Town Car was occupied by two people who saw a tractor trailer turning into the Wilco Plaza and thought that they could turn across the SB lane when the 2nd lane of the SB lane had a truck loaded with wood chips hit them in the front left quarter panel.  The two people were transported to the hospital to be checked out.

mini-PICT0004.JPG (167134 bytes)
The front end of the Lincoln Town Car

mini-PICT0006.JPG (111606 bytes)
Paramedics and fire/rescue personnel assist the patient.

mini-PICT0007.JPG (120637 bytes)
Damage to the front end of the truck.

mini-PICT0008.JPG (113972 bytes)
From point of impact to where vehicle stopped.

mini-PICT0010.JPG (148621 bytes)
Getting ready to get the passenger out first.

mini-PICT0013.JPG (113083 bytes)
Getting the patient out of the vehicle.

mini-PICT0015.JPG (113288 bytes)
Putting the head bed on the patient.

mini-PICT0018.JPG (125182 bytes)
Working on the getting the patient secured.

mini-PICT0019.JPG (138074 bytes)
Rescue command.

mini-PICT0020.JPG (148460 bytes)
Air bags deployed and reduced injuries.

mini-PICT0021.JPG (96750 bytes)
Getting the driver out of the vehicle.

mini-PICT0023.JPG (157165 bytes)
Front end of the Lincoln.


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