Bill's Welding Shop
Hwy 70, Statesville

The call came in that a structure was a working fire.  Units arriving on scene found smoke coming from the building.  The workers stated they thought a rag was on fire and after not finding one, noticed the area at the ceiling was heavily involved in smoke.  They evacuated the building.  The building contained propane, acetylene, and oxygen which caused periodic explosions or relief values releasing.  As the fire burned a whole through the roof, the ventilation gave the fire more air and the fire came through the rear of the business as the roof collapsed.  The local US Hwy 70 was shut down due to hoses being laid across the highway.  Units from Statesville Fire, Monticello, West Iredell, Troutman, Trinity, Wayside, Shepherd, Stony Point, Iredell County Air Van, Cool Springs & Iredell Rescue were activated.  Sorry this page is so large to load, but I thought all the pictures were worth showing.

mini-001.jpg (123046 bytes)
Smoke coming from building shortly after call came in.

mini-008.jpg (114240 bytes)
Units were attempting to gain entry as smoke came from building.

mini-014.jpg (109576 bytes)
A metal saw cut a hole through the door and units started applying water.

mini-016.jpg (123484 bytes)
After initial knock down, firemen proceed inside.

mini-021.jpg (73431 bytes)
Fire breaks through the roof causing thicker smoke.

mini-024.jpg (118927 bytes)
Other units are preparing to cut through the back door for access.

mini-031.jpg (113144 bytes)
Locked doors have firemen prying each open as they come to them.

mini-040.jpg (132842 bytes)
Air packs start running out and refills are being put on.

mini-043.jpg (59105 bytes)
Heavy smoke pours from the rear of the building.

mini-046.jpg (91852 bytes)
A longer look as the smoke came from the building.

mini-050.jpg (147447 bytes)
Just before the flames came through the roof on the rear of the building.

mini-057.jpg (111016 bytes)
Firemen have the fire erupt as they position.

mini-063.jpg (99391 bytes)
Fire coming through the roof overwhelms the building.

mini-067.jpg (96284 bytes)
Water going on the fire is not doing much good.

mini-074.jpg (100195 bytes)
Dark clouds of smoke go up in the sky.

mini-083.jpg (138986 bytes)
The end of building has the roof collapsing into the building.

mini-085.jpg (83708 bytes)
The end of the building is consumed.

mini-088.jpg (144851 bytes)
Deluge gun set up in the front of the building.

mini-092.jpg (116667 bytes)
Smaller hand lines go in the side entrance.

mini-094.jpg (108173 bytes)
Looking at acetylene tank that has popped the pressure relief valve.

mini-098.jpg (89860 bytes)
The peak of the roof is falling into the building.

mini-107.jpg (166501 bytes)
Firefighter on the hose at back of the building.

mini-112.jpg (104822 bytes)
Command decisions being made.

mini-117.jpg (138603 bytes)
Owners and firemen looking in the front door to business surveying damage.

mini-126.jpg (107542 bytes)
Looking over the shoulder of fireman shooting water through the window.

mini-134.jpg (66272 bytes)
West Iredell Telesquirt getting a view of the roof.

mini-140.jpg (103541 bytes)
Looking at Telesquirt from front.

mini-141.jpg (72550 bytes)
Flowing water to roof area from the Telesquirt.

mini-152.jpg (41395 bytes)
Shooting water the length of the building.

mini-156.jpg (155045 bytes)
Wall bowing out the back of the building.

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