SUV vs. Motorcycle
Buffalo Shoals Rd

A man on a dirt bike was on the highway.  He had not lights or helmet and a SUV was turning into a development when he was hit head on.  The victim was thrown about 20 yards from the point of impact.  The helicopter from Carolina Medical Center was called to transport the victim.  The victim appeared to have multiple broken bones but was conscious on the scene.  Units responding were Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS and NC State Police.

Units from fire/rescue and paramedics work
on the victim.

The front end of the SUV

Another view of the SUV as paramedic checks out driver.

The motorbike

The motorbike

Getting the patient ready to transport.

Getting the stretcher ready for patient.

Rescue workers on the scene.

The red back was next to patient - showing distance patient was airborne.

CMC helicopter on the ground

Air medics getting to the ambulance.

Helmet from flight medic.

Fire Truck and helicopter at LZ.

Blue light from trooper's car gives eerie effect looking into the ambulance.

The patient is about to be loaded into the helicopter.

Getting patient on the helicopter stretcher.

Just about loaded.

Getting ready for lift off going to Charlotte.


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