Brawley Rd
Single Vehicle Accident

The call came reference a single vehicle accident with the driver possibly leaving the scene.  Upon arrival, there was a female sitting in the driver's seat, bleeding from facial injuries.  The male subject was located walking around looking for his glasses and watch.  The female was stating that she was driving, but there were doubts due to the fact of her injuries and the spidering of the windshield.  The vehicle had left the roadway, hit a culvert and went airborne for a short distance.  The incident is still under investigation by the State Highway Patrol.  Units responding were Wayside Fire Dept, Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS, Iredell County Sheriff Dept, Troutman Police Dept, and NC State Highway Patrol.

Stabilizing the female on scene.

Tom getting the hood release pulled.

Getting the hood open to check for fire.

Paramedic Pope concentrating on his patient.

V-shape of the radiator from hitting the culvert.

Getting the patient onto the backboard.

Impact point with the culvert pipe.

Checking the windshield and finding a spot of blood.

Wayside 601 on scene.

Firefighters standing by.

Sheriff dept and SHP uniforms only differ by patches on sleeve.

Windshield showing impact of head and shoulder impact on windshield.


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