Rear End Collision
Hwy 21/Talley St


A Honda Civic was stopped in traffic when the Toyota SUV ran into the rear of the Honda.  There were three people in the Honda and all three were complaining of back/neck injuries.  The three patients were all put on backboards and immobilized to be transported.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Troutman Police, and Iredell County EMS were on scene.

Checking out the patients in the Honda

The SUV had minor damage from impact.

Getting the patients in neck braces

Getting the backboard in to get patient out.

Rescue BLS unit was called for patient transport.

Getting ready to get front patient out.

Rear end damage.

First patient in the EMS wagon

Getting patient secured on backboard

Police officer getting patients name.

Getting the last patient out.

Heading to the hospital.


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