2-17-2008 - Michael Rd, Davidson County
Accident with Entrapment with Fatality

    Guest Photographer - Ryan Swink

2-17-2008  05:55 hrs - Michael Rd

Dispatched ref MVA with possible injuries.  EMS Medic 5 on scene first and advised possible pin-in.  Medic 5 was able to access patient and then advised DOA.  Pending NCSHP investigation, patient was extricated by Tyro Fire Dept and Davidson County Rescue personnel.  However patient was only entrapped, passenger door was opened and patient was removed.

Units Responding- Tyro Fire Eng 267, Davidson Co. Rescue Truck 67, Davidson EMS- Medic 5 and Supervisor Medic 1, and NCSHP with several units.

Shortly after arrival

Driver side of truck (Patient still in vehicle
but can't be seen due to damage)

Frontal View

Engine Block against front seat

Notice the headlight in the bottom right of screen

Once the wrecker removed truck from the pine tree

Bumper still wrapped around tree

Another view of the truck separated from tree


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