Periwinkle Road, Mooresville
Woods Fire

The call came in as a woods fire near residences.  The command unit arrived on scene advised that no buildings were yet involved, but there was a lot of fire & smoke.  Units from Troutman and Shepherds responded to the scene and extinguished the fire.  The home owner was overcome from smoke and fatigue and the Iredell County EMS was called to check him out.  He recovered after using oxygen for about 20 minutes and did not require transport.  I got a new camera, the Canon G10, and these are the pictures (reduced only in size).  I think it does pretty good.

Smoke coming up from the gully

Quite a bit of area on fire.

Chimney effect pulled the fire up the gully.

Units start pulling hose to battle the fire.

Homeowner being attended to by firefighters.

Slowly making progress on the fire.

Command handling positioning of trucks.

Looking for more water pressure.

Tom Billig - Command

A little oxygen helps a lot.

Putting out the fire across the gully.

Moving up on the fire.

Troutman Truck across the gully.

Shepherds truck on this side of the gully.

Putting out some water.

Small fire in base of tree.

Keith Troutman hauling hose.

Repacking hose in the front bumper.

Checking out the scene.

Forcing water down into a stump.

Working the hose.

Still packing hose.

Heading back to the station.

EMS on the scene checking the patient out.

Wooden structure fire was next to.

US Forestry Service on scene.

Paramedics heading back.


Heading out of the neighborhood.

Curves in the roadway slowed response.

Back at the station.

Rolling in to the station to get water.

Lined up with the filler hose.

Inside the station.

Getting it filled up.

Video of the fire:



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