Amity Hill Road, Statesville
Car into House

The driver reportedly had gotten his license last week, and appeared to be going to fast for the curves.  He lost control, barely clipping a tree before hitting the house. The driver was ejected and the car flipped over landing in front of the garage.  The driver was transported to the hospital and will be transported out from there by helicopter.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Wayside Fire Dept, Iredell County EMS, Iredell County Sheriff Dept, and NC SHP were on the scene.

Overturned in front of garage.

Rear of the car took the impact with the house.

Rear end damage.

Driver being worked on by EMS and rescue.

Rear end of car.

Looking from front of car.

Damage to the steps and impact under window.  Wall was broken.

Broken Steps

Where vehicle left roadway - barely clipping this tree.

Neighbors come to see the impact.

Rear bumper was in front of the vehicle.

Emergency units on roadway.


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