Motorcycle Accident
Shelton Ave

The weather is beautiful for January and those with motorcycles were riding.  This gentleman appeared to have run off the road, jumped a ditch, hit a fence, and the motorcycle slammed the ground.  Parts were strewn over about 40 feet before it hit the fence and the rider was thrown about 30 feet beyond the motorcycle.  He did not appear to be seriously hurt, but was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

mini-PICT0003.JPG (206126 bytes)
The motorcycle is in the fence, and paramedics are working on the patient.

mini-PICT0005.JPG (262580 bytes)
The motorcycle is torn up heavily and grass was sticking out all parts of the motorcycle.

mini-PICT0006.JPG (248781 bytes)
Looking at the seat portion of the motorcycle. The fence didn't cause to much damage as it was rotten.

mini-PICT0009.JPG (228166 bytes)
The paramedics are working on the patient and getting him ready for the back board.

mini-PICT0012.JPG (242242 bytes)
The back of the fire truck was where the incident started and the location where the motorcycle ended.

mini-PICT0015.JPG (211721 bytes)
There appears to be 2 skid marks from where the motorcycle was breaking before it hit the ditch.

mini-PICT0016.JPG (249947 bytes)
There was a portion of fencing that the motorcycle hit after jumping the ditch and pieces of the motorcycle started coming apart.

mini-PICT0017.JPG (230622 bytes)
Front end of the motorcycle.

mini-PICT0018.JPG (224092 bytes)
The helmet showed some of the damage after hitting and the ambulance took it with them to show the doctors.

mini-PICT0020.JPG (224968 bytes)
The patient is packaged on the backboard and rescue personnel are ready to put on the stretcher.

mini-PICT0022.JPG (187028 bytes)
After being strapped on the backboard, the patient is now being strapped to the stretcher.

mini-PICT0025.JPG (138232 bytes)
One of the mirrors was in a bush beyond the patient.  

mini-PICT0028.JPG (198662 bytes)
The dash of the motorcycle was broken off and held on by cables.

mini-PICT0031.JPG (182245 bytes)
Friends of the rider were concerned about their friends and stopped to see about him.

mini-PICT0037.JPG (126767 bytes)
Rescue command briefed the trooper about the incident.



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