Mobile Home Fire 

Deerland Road

Upon arrival the mobile home was involved and no one was in the residence.  Fire fighters from West Iredell & Troutman fought the blaze, dealing with problems from add-ons to the original home.  

mini-001.jpg (23728 bytes)

Flames burning in the home.

mini-004.jpg (44869 bytes)

Making an exterior attack.

mini-007.jpg (28994 bytes)

Coming under the wall of smoke to attack.

mini-008.jpg (32513 bytes)

Majority of end of trailer burned off.

mini-018.jpg (30953 bytes)

Capturing the spray of the water.

mini-019.jpg (32095 bytes)

Making progress into the fire.

mini-020.jpg (22770 bytes)

Working in the smoke.

mini-024.jpg (48216 bytes)

Watching the fire from their trucks.

mini-030.jpg (41297 bytes)

Getting the line open.

mini-034.jpg (39979 bytes)

So much already gone.

mini-038.jpg (21322 bytes)


mini-046.jpg (31827 bytes)

Working their way in the smoke.

mini-052.jpg (31228 bytes)

Spraying from the smoke.

mini-055.jpg (39056 bytes)

Checking the area around the fuel oil tank.

mini-091.jpg (75888 bytes)

View the next day of fire scene.

mini-094.jpg (55264 bytes)

Former house site.


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