Sullivan Farm Road
Pickup vs. Tractor Trailer

Guest Photographer:  Bill Sherrill

Iredell Rescue, EMS and Trinity Fire were dispatched to Sullivan Farm Rd. off of Hwy. 115 N. to a reported under ride type of accident.  The pickup truck was headed east and struck a tractor trailer that was attempting to back into a driveway.  The tractor trailer driver was not injured.  The pickup driver was ambulatory at the scene and was transported to the hospital.  A fire erupted in the engine compartment of the pickup and was extinguished with two fire extinguishers.  Trinity VFD took care of hotspots.  The pickup driver freed himself from the wreckage before emergency personnel arrived.

Fire & Rescue checking out the truck

Burn Marks show where fire was on trailer

Interior of truck shows how far dash was pushed toward driver.

Another shot of windshield coming in on driver.    

Trinity Firemen putting out smoldering engine compartment.

View of side of truck that hit the trailer.

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