Trench Collapse
Mooresville - Station 115 Development

The call came about 2:50pm of a trench collapse with two people in the trench.  Units first on the scene advised that one person was buried and the 2nd person was buried to the waist.  Multiple agencies were dispatched to the scene.  Units on the scene were able to free the partially buried subject, and it was determined the other subject was deceased.   It appeared that the two subjects stepped out of the steel safety box and the side collapsed on them.  Two air ambulances from Carolina Medical Centers were dispatched, but the second was cancelled.  The recovery proceeded with scene being controlled by Mooresville Fire.  Due to the location of the incident, and lack of space and instability, the pictures are taken from a distance.  Units from Mt. Mourne Fire Dept, Mooresville Fire Dept., Iredell County EMS, Mooresville Rescue, Troutman Rescue, Winston Salem Rescue, Thomasville Rescue, Alexander Rescue, Mooresville Police Dept, Iredell County Air Van, and the Red Cross were on the scene.

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Shortly after arriving on scene, rescue workers are getting ready to get 1st patient out.

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Rescue workers start process of digging and EMS standing by for patient.

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Multiple agencies rescue equipment on scene as more arrives every minute.

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Troutman Rescue Trench Unit arrives on the scene.

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First patient is extricated and was ambulatory on the scene.  

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EMS paramedics get the patient ready to be airlifted from the scene.

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Rescue workers start to bring in equipment that will be needed.

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Carolina Medical Center helicopter on the ground.

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Chief Knox with Mt Mourne Fire Dept speaking with the pilot.

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Paramedics getting patient ready for flight to Charlotte.

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Taking the patient to the helicopter over rough ground.

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Flight nurse gets ready for patient to arrive.

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Getting the patient loaded in the helicopter.

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The boots of the the survivor of the collapse left on the ambulance.

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Interior of the ambulance shows the dust and dirt associated with scene.

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Rescue workers set about to recover the second person.

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Getting equipment that will be needed from USAR1.

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A central staging area was set up for all equipment.

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The Mooresville Fire Marshall becomes the public information officer for media.  Mark Becker (Channel 9) holding Channel 6 microphone.

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Rescue workers are getting rams ready for use.

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Units start taking down shoring plywood to start extrication of body.

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Darkness was coming and lights were put up on dirt mounds above the trench.

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Winston Salem Command Center.

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Rescue workers getting set up as darkness starts to fall on the area.

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Getting a ladder set in the trench box that in the trench.

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Lights were brought in and truck boom lights were raised to illuminate the scene.

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Taking the air rams down the hill to the scene.

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Close working quarters make things difficult to work.

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The reserve rescue workers who are shuffled in to replace another team every 15 minutes.

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Carrying long lumber for shoring from USAR1. 

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