Shelton Ave, Statesville, NC
Head On Collision with Pin-In

A head-on collision occurred at the city limits of Statesville between a pickup truck and a Volvo.  The was almost direct head-on impact, which pushed the dash back onto the driver of the pickup truck.  Extrication took about 30 minutes, first getting the roof off, then pushing the dash back off the patient.  The road was closed down, and multiple units assisted in getting the patient extricated.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell Rescue, Iredell County EMS, and NC State Police were on scene.

Extrication begins by taking out the windshield

Using an axe to punch a hole in windshield as patient is covered by tarp.

Windshield being removed after being sawed.

Cutting the A post of the passenger side.

Sawzall being used on the driver's side of vehicle.

Lifting the roof away from patient & paramedic in vehicle.

Getting the last of the roof cut away.

Looking in at patient with other vehicle in background.

Extrication tools laid out for quick access.

Paramedic in the vehicle with the patient.

EMS supervisor getting things set up.

The people around the scene.

Patient has been extricated, and picking up begins.

Looking in on driver's side of vehicle - pushed in on driver.

From passenger side of vehicle.

Impact on front of truck.

Front of the Volvo.

Impact hard on driver's side.

Driver's side of vehicle on front end compression.

Looking in from the front windshield into the ambulance.

Guys on the scene.


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