Murdock Rd
Truck vs. Pole

The pickup truck appears to have lost control and hit a power pole causing the pole to break.  The driver and passenger were not injured.  The driver said that the brakes locked up and caused him to lose control of his vehicle.  Units responding were Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS, and NC SHP.

Vehicle next to the pole.

Dirt thrown from the sudden stop.

View from passenger side of vehicle.

Path of vehicle leaving the road.  Mailbox wiped out, but the steel post can be reused.

The break in the power pole.

A parade of SHP cars show up.

Impact area and the pole.

Side of vehicle was into seat.

Paramedics are fortunately not needed.  He hates it when I take his picture.

Trooper getting statement from the driver.  Daughter was the passenger.

From the rear of vehicle.

Trooper measuring for his report.


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