Morrison Farm Rd
Possible House Fire

Units were dispatched to a possible house fire.  The owner of the house had smoke in the residence, and appeared to be electrical in nature.  Fire fighters checked the house and heating system.  A PPV was used to clear the house of smoke and no fire was located.

I was using a higher speed this morning as a trial for the camera people.  I was using 1600 and 800 ISO to see how grainy the photos look.

Units on the scene

Bring up an attic ladder to check the attic.

The wife of the homeowner stands outside.

Getting the PPV out to bring up to the house.

Checking under the house - needing some more equipment.

Going back in to check with thermo imaging camera

Bringing the PPV back to the truck.

Heading out from the scene.

Troutman trucks on the scene.


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