National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Green Bank, W Va.


The first day of travel took us to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, W. Va.  We had rainy weather and it was difficult to really get a feel for the size of the main dish used to get information from space.  The Observatory is located in this location as the mountains make a natural boundry to block out unwanted radio signals.  The observatory has a 10 mile radius where there are no cell phone towers, or any type of transmissions.  The observatory can tell when an appliance in town malfunctions such as a short in a refrigerator and they can track it with trucks to find the offending product, and then they will fix it for free for the owner.  All the vehicles used on site are deisel since there is no spark plugs to cause interference.    The dish collecting area is 2.3 acres (approximately 7854 square meters).  There was a program for us showing how the dish worked, and where the other dishes in the world are located. 

Waking up each morning and looking out the window were deer grazing on the hillside.

Being up higher, the moon was easily visible.

Looking out my 2nd floor window at the ski lift and other condos in the area.

Entrance to the center - I went back on the way home to get pictures that were not in the rain.

Just before the program, we were looking at posters on the wall.

Visitor area where you could view the dish, get some food, and gifts of the radio telescope.

Looking out from the visitor area at the main telescope.

Other telescopes are at the observatory and were earlier models, but are still in use today.

Other telescopes that are smaller.

Closer view on a clear day.

Original dish that was built in back yard - is national monument.

Picture across farm with dish in distance.

Sign shows that nothing electronic can be used in the area, including digitial cameras.  Only film cameras area allowed.

Truck that pinpoints offending radio signals

Mushroom that was in the area.

Radio telescope from road going to Green Bank

Looking from the visitor center