Cass, W. Va.
Restoration Shop

I almost left early and skipped the tour of the restoration shop, but was so glad that I stayed and saw the restoration of the different engines.  I shot pictures of works in progress, and the maintenance on a current engine.


Old rain car that is on siding - possible restoration in the future.

Loading up on the bus to the restoration shop.

Train with mountain home in background.


Water tank at entrance to switch yard.

Sign for log sample that was hauled.

Chestnut Log

Spaghetti tracks.

Old band saw at collapsed mill.

Coming into the switch yard.

Water level in redwood tank

Looking into the switch yard.

Trains are being put together.

Cylinder on Heisler Engine

Steaming into the yard.

Another project for the future.

Restoration shop was rebuilt after fire destroyed the first shop.

Trucks off engine that is being restored.

Our guide was excellent as he pointed out each different area.

The location of the cylinder shows type of engine.

Water tank and cab trucks in position.

Grant money as well as donations help restore the engines.

Smoke Stack

Saw this on the engine - guess it is inspiration - Thomas the Train is a Climax engine.

Water tank is completed, and ready when they put it together.

The cab & coal box are ready as well.

Overhaul of another engine is in progress.

Wheel lathe

Steam tubes that go in the boiler.

A look inside the boiler.

Another boiler had been pulled into the shop.

Closer look at the wheel lathe.

Filling the water tank on Shay Big #6

Old Saw Mill, Cass, W. Va.