Cass Railway Station
Black & White Photos


I wanted to show these pictures in black & white to get the feel of how life would have been in the early 1900s.  I think that it was a rough time to live.

Railway station and general store.

Old B & O caboose

Shay locomotive

Cylinders on Shay engine

Front trucks of the engine - Steam dome, sand dome and smoke stack on top.

Front of Engine 3

Old house above the station - clothes hung on line to the side

Looking down the track at the switch

The logs on the rail car as they would have been brought to the mill.

Looking into the station

Brake wheel

Train with station in background.

Another view of front of engine.

Cass station

Freight & passenger loading dock

Sign with times the trains will be running.

Old truck at the station bring freight.

Another view

Inside the station

Western Union Office

Indian Motorcycle Thermometer

Water tower that is used to fill tank no engine.

Steaming up the tracks.

Trains in the yard.

Engines putting trains together.

Engineer watching as he puts the train together.

Heisler Engine #6 that is being restored.

The Heisler has workman under engine to work on engine.

Closer view of Heisler drive system.

Shay #5 getting ready for run to Bald Knob.

Look at the top of the engine.

Coal bin is full.

Coal loading area for engines.
Old Saw Mill at Cass, W. Va.