Elkins, W. Va.
Dinner Train


We had an easy day ahead after riding the trains for the last 3 days.  We drove to Elkins in our bus, at lunch, and then went to a musical show next door to the restaurant.  After the show, we boarded the dinner train to have a wonderful 4 course meal.  I had the prime rib, and it was 7 time more than I could eat.  I wish I could have had a way to take it back home, as it was delicious.  We got back about 10:30pm and had only one more day.

Looking down into the valley from the top of the mountain.

Looking out the window of the bus at the lodge where we stayed.

Inside the bus - we watched DVD about trains on the way.

We were able to look in the depot before lunch was served, and they had some old signs.

The doctor used this to treat people in the log camps.  He would put this on the train to take to the camp, and then ride this back to town.

Restaurant where we ate, and the theater was just to the left.

We had a good dinner with again, more food than you could eat.  It was buffet style and they gave generous portions.

This is the dinner train - medical helicopter coming in for a landing - they had a festival going on, and it was on display.

The Tygart Flyer - the lead car for the dinner train.

This was the car where I ate, and where the kitchen was for the trip.

Our conductor and historian for the trip - Lars Byrne

Dinner being served on the train.

Panoramic view from pull over near top of Snowshoe Mountain.