Everyone has to have different hobbies, and mine vary to the extreme.  I enjoy going out west every year to locate large storms.  We hope to see a tornado, but just enjoy the sheer power of the storms.  I am driving for the tour company the first week in May and am a tourist the second week.  I will have pictures when I return of the adventure.

The tour company is Storm Chasing Adventure Tours (SCAT) and is excellent for those of us who only have a limited time to chase.  They have all the equipment and the people who chase are from around the world and we have a ball.  The website of the tour is .  Come with us sometime.

Pictures of Tour #1 - May 1-7, 2003

05-08-03 Tornado in Oklahoma City 

Pictures of Tour #2 - May 8-15, 2003

Older Storm Photos


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