Patterson St, Troutman, NC
Heavy Flooding

At approximately 6:30pm, heavy rains came to Troutman, and knocked out the power, and put down 1 1/3" of rain in 30 minutes.  The Troutman park that is being constructed was not designed to handle that much rain, and the embankment collapsed in 2 places causing flooding on Patterson St.  Troutman Fire & Rescue and Troutman Police responded to the call to find the drains were blocked and the water was going up toward the houses.  Firefighters helped shovel the rock/dirt out of the drains and were able to get the water level lowered.   One yard had the water come approximately 25 feet up into the yard.  Town maintenance arrived on the scene and will do a clean up on Monday morning.

Coming to the scene approximately 30 minutes after fire was dispatched.

Cleaning the rock/dirt away from the drains.

Cleaning the drain.

Yard at bottom of hill had water up under the vehicles.

From other side of the creek.

At the upper intersection.

Collection pond above the street.

Closer shot with one of the breaks in the hill.

The water cut a deep gully in the bank in 2 locations.

Pictures with both the breaks in the hill in background

Looking down hill from where water was flowing.

Troutman Fire truck

Water level had dropped back down in creek.

Moving the gravel.

Water from upper side of the creek.